A kitchen you experience

After more than thirty yars of projects, Imesco Forniture has developped a strong experience not only in the sector of the Italian institutional food-service, but also in the differents ethnical restaurants now existing both in Italy and abroad.

Only those who work in professional kitchens on a daily basis know how difficult and challenging it is to design them. Every kitchen is experienced by professionals according to their personal way of organizing their work, their habitual preparation times and the specific cuisine they prepare.

Understanding workflows in a kitchen, making cleaning and sanitizing procedures easier, drawing up menus are all essential to “dress” each professional kitchen in a truly tailor-made way.

Imesco Forniture also guarantees the attentive study of the differents ethnical styles of cooking, the support to prepare tipical and ethnical menus, the advise to realize those menus as well as the fast-food's and the take-away's gastronomic offer, the design of shelters and mobile kitchens.